Home renovation in dubai

Do home renovation investments pay off in Dubai?

Is your old house exhausting you with all of its accumulated maintenance tasks? Is your home unsuitable for your needs? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you should consider home remodeling. Renovating your home is a constructive and helpful way to customize it to meet your present and future needs, but is it worthwhile in terms of resale value? Continue reading to learn more about how house upgrades might attract buyers to your Dubai residential property and whether this is a profitable investment.

Should I buy a new house or renovate an existing one?
Buying a new house in Dubai seems exciting, especially if you have recently relocated here, but the prices of residential properties in Dubai are skyrocketing, and rising mortgage rates add to the expense of a new home.

On the other side, remodeling your existing home can be far less expensive than purchasing a new one. If you have a growing family and require additional space, you can consider an extension and employ Primex to modify your home or apartment. Renovations can be expensive, but you have a large margin to work with. You can always set a budget first or limit the scope of the renovation to avoid overspending.

Renovations can provide a great return on investment (ROI)
According to several studies, remodeling can increase the value of your home by 10% to 15% of its entire worth. Whether you want to stay and protect your investment or sell it, upgrading and redesigning your home will increase the market value of your residential property in Dubai. Renovations are becoming increasingly popular due to their excellent ROI.

What makes your Dubai house more saleable?
To maximize the return on your investment, focus on the aspects that make your home more appealing to purchasers. A modern and fresh kitchen, which is typically the focal point of the home, is one characteristic that buyers evaluate when purchasing a home. Aside from that, your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system should be in good working order because it impacts your daily life. Adding extra rooms improves your property’s square footage, which increases its value. According to our experience, buyers prefer to pay attention to the ceilings and flooring; dingy roofs and dull flooring can turn off a potential buyer. You should not spend more than 10% of your home’s value on upgrades. A competent renovation firm, such as Primex, can advise you in detail on which aspects of your home can be upgraded to provide you with a high return on investment.

High rental yields
Dubai’s population has grown faster than ever before. Expats visiting Dubai seek inexpensive, functionally feasible, and visually beautiful houses or apartments to live in. After you’ve refurbished your home, you can rent it out to earn a passive income. Dubai is notorious for its high rental yields; the average rental yield in this city ranges from 6 to 10%.

The growing real estate industry in Dubai is having an impact
Dubai is a popular destination for investors looking to increase their fortune through real estate companies. As a result, Dubai’s real estate business is thriving and is expected to reach new heights by the end of the year. With each passing day, property prices are skyrocketing as more international investors express interest in future projects.

In these conditions, upgrading your home presents an opportunity to enhance your financial situation. With amazing architectural alterations and interior changes, you can obtain a terrific deal on your property in Dubai’s already thriving real estate market.

Final Thoughts

Renovations are an important step towards boosting the value of your house in Dubai. Hiring a competent firm to renovate and remodel your home, such as Primex, will help you effortlessly achieve your renovation goals. Our team is continually up-to-date on market trends and will advise you on the finest solutions accessible to you. Contact us to make an appointment today!
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Home renovation in dubai